Does your business plan outline the need for a change to your strategies, processes, people or technology?  Will the success of this implementation impact your bottom-line?   Do you accept the fact that your end-users must buy into the change you wish to implement? If so, you need to proactively manage the change rather than let it happen on its own.

At Jigsaw, we believe there are specific approaches and actions that an organization can take in order to be more successful in a change process. You can do the work upfront or you can spend much more time, energy and money trying to fix it after the fact.

It is important to:

  1. Carefully and strategically think through the impact of the change.  What’s changing? Why are we changing? Who is impacted? How are they impacted? What might their reaction be? What’s the payoff for people to change?
  2. Plan the change itself.  When will changes occur?  What interdependencies will be impacted by the change?  What is the right pace to release the change?  Does a pilot make sense?
  3. Plan all communication about the process.  Communication needs to be carefully planned and it needs to be clear, honest and personal. Tell them what you know. Tell them what you don’t know. Tell them when you may know what you don’t know. Tell them what you can’t tell them and why. Tell them everything you can.
  4. Anticipate, recognize, and allow human reaction to change. There are specific stages through which people progress in regards to change. Prepare management to help themselves and others to walk through these normal reactions.  

With proper consideration of these factors and proper planning, your organization is more likely to effectively walk through change.

We can partner with you during business process design and help you plan how best to roll out the change. We identify all of the stakeholders and we learn everything we can about them so that we are able to develop a map identifying stakeholders according to impact – identifying why they would want to change and why they might resist.

From this point, we are able to develop and implement the most effective strategy to maximize user buy-in and ensure your success.

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