Get your people on the same page – build extensions of yourself and let go of responsibilities.

The only way for your organization to grow is to delegate.  To do this successfully, ensure:

  • Your people are clear about your business purpose, objectives and values.
  • Your people understand their roles and how they support the business objectives.
  • Your organization has the right structure to create accountability.

This is not something you do once, tick the box and move on.  To foster real alignment, you must communicate  effectively, consistently and repeatedly.  And remember, that as leaders, everything that we say, do and decide communicates.

Once you get everyone on the same page and create the environment where they can be successful, you can be confident that your people can and will deliver on your business promise and you will be able to let go of some of the responsibilities.  This will free up your time to run the business.

Jigsaw can not only help you to build your strategic plan, we can help you to implement it.

How Jigsaw can help