All businesses need a range of skills to be able to survive and grow. As the owner of a small business it is likely that you will be called upon to perform several roles out of necessity. You will probably find that you are better at some roles than others.

If you want your business to grow it will reach a stage when these necessary skills need to be improved and extended. Getting the right mix of people, processes and partners to complement and reinforce your business is essential in creating a more efficient and capable business.

JAM Sessions will help you to put a plan in place to achieve this and get back to focusing on areas of your business you enjoy.

What are JAM Sessions?

JAM Sessions are a unique leadership development process using group sessions and 1-on-1 coaching designed to help entrepreneurs get better at driving business results.  The program uses strategic planning as a foundation and introduces learning that entrepreneurs can incorporate in their plans to improve business effectiveness and efficiency.

Who are JAM Sessions for?

  • Entrepreneurs with desire for momentum, growth, and more profit
  • Entrepreneurs wanting input to make better decisions
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to get off the treadmill and get better control

What results can I expect?

  • Greater understanding of your leadership style and how to be more effective
  • Clarity of who your best customers are and how to attract and retain more of them
  • A clear plan documenting where you want your business to be in 3-5 years, how you will get there and an action plan to make it happen
  • Improved business efficiency by systemizing repeatable processes, leveraging technology, and outsourcing and partnering strategically
  • Fresh perspectives to help you make better decisions

What’s the format?   

  • 6 month program with monthly:
    • 4 hour facilitated group meetings
    • 1.5 hour 1-on-1 coaching sessions

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JAM Sessions for Entrepreneurs