Are you stuck in any aspects of your business right now?  Do you have a goal that you struggle to achieve? Have you tried everything to no avail?

Here’s a great article by Duck Tape Marketing that explains reasons why we struggle to move past where we are and provides some advice on getting unstuck.  The article cites the following seven reasons why businesses get stuck:

  1. You don’t have a compelling enough vision
  2. Your habits aren’t serving you
  3. Your relationships are Twitter thin
  4. You’re not focused on value
  5. You’re worried about your weaknesses
  6. You’re filling your time
  7. You’re managing the wrong things

The way you embed your purpose and manage your projects and processes may be holding you back. Let us show you how focusing on these three areas will propel your company forward.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Is Stuck


Is your business stuck?